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Posted by Mrs Pickering | Posted in Certificates, Weekly update | Posted on 02-12-2017

The lions and tigers have been really busy this week, they are practicing hard for the nativity. Please help them practice their lines, we are trying to remember our lines and say them loudly.

We have been measuring this week, ordering objects by size and looking at the size of objects as well as looking at the size of the worlds tallest man. The lions and tigers ordered numicon based on its number, some children even added the numeral to the numicon peice.

The children made their own sock thing to make up for the one that was missing in the story we are creating. Mollie, Oliver and Trae completed their green word wheels.

finally on Friday we were joined but Tinkle and Jingle the elves, they are going to set us some challenges over the next few weeks of term.


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Very proud of Mollie she has worked really hard with her word wheel.

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