Bonfire Night


Posted by Mrs Pickering | Posted in Questions | Posted on 31-10-2017

We have been thinking about Bonfire and Firework safety.

What can you remember?

How can you keep yourself safe at Bonfire night?

5 team points for every comment.


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Looking forward to reading your ideas in the comments.

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You must wear gloves when you hold the sparklers. *Aaron then showed how to hold a sparkler with his arm stretched out and waved his arm around!*

Wonderful Aaron, I am pleased you can be so safe.

Mollie said
‘You have to be 5 years old to have a sparkler’

Well remembered Mollie, that is what the firemen and people who sell fireworks often say, 5 team points for you.

Riley said not to mess with fireworks and to stay close mummy or daddy when we go to fireworks display x

Very good advice Riley, 5 team points for you

Oliver says you need to stand back as you could be burned by the fire and you have to wear gloves if you want to hold a sparkler

Excellent advice Oliver, 5 team points for you

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